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(draft 20130417 2359cet)

- note: 32:33: i said "got heart transplant" example, i meant "need a heart transplant" example

- note: about 54 minutes into audio: i meant for ex a few thoudand people clicking "winner" for free on an item again and again for 1 hr a day for a week, and/or paying something like $5 with a click so they dont have to click again and agan for an hour, can compete with a multinational that comes in with 1 click for a million bucks for a different item. (ideally via the game they'll all get to know each other better)

- DEVELOPERS PLEASE NOTE: re: "EXPO PLACEMENT": im not lookin 4 u to figure out what's THE factors to assess "statistical notices": just to write code that allows us to INPUT whatever criteria will meet "statistical notices"

- note: an item i forgot: (dynamic?) budget/prizes adjustment (BPA). this is irrelevant if the game does NOT allow for money (in OR out). but if the game DOES allow for money input-output, then say the available money for cash prizes is 1 grand. the software needs to automatically close the game for WIN-MONEY cash clicks when the number of potential cash winners is reached. example: "win $1 if the item you selected wins the game." if cash prize budget for that game is $1,000, then, after 1,000 visitors click the same "winner" button, the game becomes closed to cash prizes. (everyone can still click that "winner" button. but not for cash prize. just for that item to win the game.)

- arguably HUGE MATTER: AUTO-PARTNERSHIP. (!!!!) another KEY ITEM i forgot. system to be as self-running as possible. so, a key feature may be: CLICK TO BE A PARTNER: PARTNERS IN THE BUSINESS automatically input/output money. example: you wanna b partner? if current terms (ADJUSTED DYNAMICALLY) state you get N% of net profits from your providing $ for GIVING OUT cash prizes, u as a partner automatically [will? / do?] receive N% of profits. if you think this cant work, u could be right, or then again think again. example: "date/time: current terms: based on your indicated amount, if XYZ criteria are met, your contribution to cash prizes budget will [does] yield an ROI (return on investment) of N%." to simplify: if you click "yes," system takes your contribution to cash-prizes budget and pays it out to cash-prize winners. this could be immediate. or, if through ads (displayed around and/or integrated into the games) website later makes net profit. you will get your money back plus N%. if not immediate transaction but based on future events, terms provide provisions for eventual loss. (eg "date/time: current terms: based on your indicated amount, if XYZ criteria are met, your maximum loss will be n%.") scalable, adjustable, dynamic. allows $100 partners as well as $1B partners. $100 insta-partners might be offered a 10% ROI terms. (dude, if you give $100 for people to get cash prizes, and the website makes a net profit, you get $110 back; $1B insta-partners might get 0.002811215% ROI. (dude, if you give $1,000,000,000 for people to get cash prizes, and the website makes a net profit, you get $1,002,811,215 back.) net profit pivots on advertisers generating customers. the system is transparent. not a ponzi scheme. not a pyramid scheme. transparent game theory. (what you're reading is a draft. im still tryin 2 proxess it myself. still, i worked on games for at least 36 years.) as for hackers: game's always open 2 every1. so, would you rather end up in jail (ALAS, basically no wi-fi access), or do U LIKE 2 PLAY? me, ive thought about what folllows for a lifetime: id like 25K/year as base min (after fuckin taxes). what i make beyond that, im splittin it 50/50 with the world. (if/when i get super mega rich im probably puttin 90-99% back into the cash prizes.) yes, some of us may choose to stay at home and click click click "winner" and even statistically win up to $150/week. thats riches in the developing world, freedom from bosses and alarm clocks in the US.
of course if i want "THAT 5th gen V8 black camaro thats winnin on page 1..."
; ) : ) :D
draft 20130417 2213cet: i need a web developer and/or partner and/or investor.

- note: about 26 minutes into audio draft i kinda sorta mispoke a bit. the following might explain/clarify:

though at this particular point time in the concept draft im not re-doing this audio (yet), for future ref it might be best to use different WORDS to distinguish between game points (used to assess game results) and WEBSITE points (used to assign PLACEMENT in the website for the next games). possibly will use these terms (draft /for now): "game points" for a game and "WEBSITE STARS" (or "webstars") for item ranking/placement in the website

technically, simplest method for assigning webstars: at the end of a game, the system assigns, to each item, whichever is greater: (a) the number of starting webstars of the best item it beat in that game or (b) 1 webstar for every item it beat in that game


item A 10 webstars
item B 9 webstars
item C 7 webstars
item D 6 webstars
item E beginner / 0 webstars

(note: this example does NOT look at margins of victory within the game. this example looks at which items beat other items in the game.)
(won this game; beat 10-webstar-start item = 10 webstars)
(finished 2nd in this game; beat 10-webstar-start item = 10 webstars)
(finished 3rd in this game; beat 2 items = +2 webstars)
(finished 4th in this game; beat 1 item = +1 webstars)
(didn't beat any item in THIS game... = same webstars as when this game started)

A: 12
B: 10
C: 10
E: 10
D: 6

potentially there are infinite other/additional criteria that can be factored in. but SIMPLE is the priority AND quite possibly THE BEST WAY.